OK RDY is an AI-powered mentorship
matching platform

Mentoring programs help employers attract, develop and retain talented professionals by demonstrating a commitment to building prospective and current employee careers. Without an effective platform to facilitate this mentoring however, the program’s true potential can be lost.

OK RDY Mobile Matching Application

Our matching platform creates unique mentoring pathways and helps get your users connected faster. Our matching experience is and has always been user focused. We’ve designed our dedicated app-experience through research, development and direct user feedback.

  • Easy profile setup
  • Private communication channels
  • Informal and formal mentoring opportunities
  • Spam-free matching
  • Resources hub
  • Nudges and surveys

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP)

We’ve developed a multi-award-winning application for AI and NLP technology applied to mentorship matching. This unique process helps mentors and mentees discover culture-aligned matching opportunities, resulting in meaningful matches that help to kick-start mentoring programs and align with values-driven outcomes.

  • Connects users with culture-based match recommendations
  • Values, skills, hobbies, purpose and goal exploration
  • Participation fosters leadership growth
  • Meaningful professional development for employees

Mentorship Management System

OK RDY partners can unlock time and program growth through automation. No more manually collecting and matching CVs, no more unknown progression updates, No more waterfall style program delivery. Access unique insights to support your no.1 asset your people!

  • Automate new program creation
  • Scale growing initiatives for new users or locations
  • Easy invitation flow and onboarding
  • Track live data – top skills, interests, mentoring stats, progress and engagement
  • Enable simple reporting
  • Eliminate burdensome administration

We use automation to help organisations save time and resources

Through automating the program creation, matching, monitoring and reporting arrangements, organisations can save time and resources by providing sustainable mentoring opportunities to their existing and prospective employees.

We believe ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’. With the rapidly changing nature of work, employers need to invest in professional development opportunities that nurture both emerging talent and existing leaders to remain competitive.

Meaningful professional and values-based matches

We optimise effective mentor matches using a holistic approach that connects participants through aligning personal, professional and values-based interests, as well as geography. Our innovative, data driven, recommendation engine provides convenient spam-free mentoring and broader professional development opportunities.

Create a talent community

OK RDY’s helps organisations create a unique mentoring ecosystem for their current and prospective talent. Leaders across the organisation can create programs specific to a strategic goal. While facilitating greater connection of teams through a dedicated mentorship network accessible for central office, remote works, hybrid environments and distributed teams.

Identify needs with live analytics

We use live analytics data to provide our clients with critical metrics to help inform: talent identification; recruitment pathways; professional development needs and progress; graduate engagement opportunities; strategic skills planning, mentorship program outcomes and scalability opportunities.

Save admin time with automations

Our innovative mentorship management system saves both time and costs through the automation of existing manual processes. The platform provides easy onboarding of participants, individual and cohort activity tracking, user insights and more, enabling clients to make strategic choices about how to leverage, grow and focus the program to meet the needs of the organisation.

Do graduate outreach authentically

OK RDY can help your team become more effective brand ambassadors for your business. By directly engaging with the TAFE/university community, you can share insights and identify and attract the right cultural fit of emerging talent to your business. You can also drive brand awareness and your reputational profile using OK RDY to connect with employees and showcase your business through on-site office forums, tours and special events.

Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) visibility

OK RDY enhances your CSR impact in the community. Data driven programs help identify strengths and weaknesses to inform the strategic development and targeting of your CSR program. With automated tracking of outreach activities, it’s easy to monitor, capture insights, report and share your CSR impact with key stakeholders.

Scale mentorship programs effortlessly

OK RDY allows for easy creation and growth of multiple strategic mentoring and professional development programs. Employees can self-select and managers can track activity, report on initiatives and effortlessly scale engagement opportunities for greater impact – all without burdensome, inefficient manual documentation.